The latest addition to the Sweet Team, Jody brings loads of talent and a big, friendly smile to everything she does. Already an experienced baker at her young age, Jody also works part-time at a day-care, so she gets to spend some days with overgrown kids (Sherry & Sandra) and actual kids the rest of the time. And, with her few remaining hours of free time, she likes to enjoy life in Metropolitan Camlachie and continue searching for the man of her dreams (subject to Sherry & Sandra’s approval, of course).
She’s the cake boss, the head honcho and the brains behind the operation. For nearly 30 years, she’s been decorating amazing cakes, baking sweet treats and making delectable candy - the last ten as the owner of Isn’t Life Sweet. A Certified Wilton Cake Decorator, she knows so much about cake decorating it’s almost scary (but scary good!). During her “off-time”, you’ll often find her taking courses, searching out new cake/candy suppliers and looking for new ways to make Isn’t Life Sweet the best little cake and candy store around. When she’s not doing that, she’s spending time in Forest with her husband of 25 years, Eric, visiting with her three amazing grown children (Andrew, Briana & Rebecca) and dreaming of lying on a warm beach enjoying a cool beverage. Hey, she can dream, right?