By building a long-term trust with many of our customers, we now enjoy the privilege of creating cakes or other products year after year for their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This trust means that many customers simply say, “Whatever you come up with will be fine. We trust you.”

See more examples of our Special Occasion Cakes HERE.

In addition to wedding cakes, we have built a reputation for unique, original
creations – special occasion cakes, candies, baked goods, wedding favours and other one-of-a-kind products. We believe that no request is too big or small and strive to create products to meet your exact needs and desires.

Sometimes, this may involve trying to recreate a product that you enjoyed many years ago as a child but have never been able to find since.

Other times, it may be an item specifically tailored to your dietary needs (or those of your guests), such as no sugar added or vegan products

On many occasions, it will involve trying to create a product based solely on your own imagination. You motivate us to outdo ourselves! We take it as a personal challenge to create products that are distinctively YOU – that showcase your personality uniquely and beautifully.